It is very important to keep breastfeeding as long as possible (at least 6 months).

But at the same time, the mother should not eat foods that can cause an exacerbation of allergies (see the diet in the section Features of nutrition and lifestyle with atopic dermatitis). It is important to properly bathe a child in the first year of cialis 5mg/40mg, especially a newborn.

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Soap cannot be used. It is better to use medicated shampoos.

For example, shampoo Friderm with zinc during an exacerbation and Friederm Balance outside an exacerbation. Before bathing, add one capful of shampoo to a bath of water. After bathing, do not rub the child with a towel - this irritates the skin. It is better to lightly blot the skin with a towel or let it dry on its own.

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An urgent problem is the vaccination of a child with atopic dermatitis.

The very fact of the presence of the disease is not a reason to refuse vaccinations, but vaccination is possible only at the stage of stable remission of the disease (at least 2-3 months). Be sure to take antihistamines 7 days before vaccination on the day of cialis and 3-5 days after vaccination. Do not administer multiple vaccines on the same day. If several vaccinations have already been missed, then vaccination should be started with less allergenic vaccines.

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Your attending physician (allergist-immunologist or pediatrician) will help you to correctly draw up an individual vaccination calendar. Complications in atopic dermatitis and cure prognosis. The prognosis for life is favorable. However, skin lesions, especially in adolescence, can contribute to the social maladjustment of the patient. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic allergic skin disease. In the case of adequate treatment, elimination of risk factors, most patients experience a stable remission and subsequently the diagnosis can be withdrawn.

But since the diagnosis of cialis 40 mg dermatitis is a reflection of the general allergic mood (atopic constitution), in a large part of these patients (more than 40%), other allergic diseases may develop in the future, most often associated with damage to the respiratory tract (allergic rhinitis, atopic bronchial asthma). This progression of the allergic mood and the change of allergic diseases from less severe to more serious in the medical literature has been called the atopic march.

With a severe course of the disease and / or inadequate treatment, non-compliance with a special lifestyle, the disease continues in adolescence and in adults. The most common complications of atopic dermatitis are the addition of a bacterial infection (pyoderma) and skin atrophy (most often due to the unreasonably long use of local glucocorticosteroid drugs). Constant scratching of the skin in atopic dermatitis leads to a violation of its protective, barrier properties, which contributes to the addition of an infection caused by microbial and fungal flora.

Pyoderma is characterized by the appearance of cialis on the skin, which gradually dry out and crusts form.

Rashes can be located on the body, and arms, and legs, and on the scalp. This may be accompanied by a violation of the general condition of a person, the temperature may rise.